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Price Comparison


CMMS Software

 Key Features  Price


  1. Stock
  2. Inspection
  3. Service
  4. Asset
  5. Project
  6. Reservation
  7. Master Plan
  8. Resources & Outsource
  9. Predictive (exclude from standard package)
  10. Budget
  11. Mobile (cloud platform only)
  1. Client-Server platform = 37,200 THB
  2. Clound platform = 980 THB / month / device
  3. Software Development = 300 THB / Form or Report
 IBM Maximo
  1. Available on-premises or as a SaaS solution
  2. Includes six management modules: asset management, work management, service management, contract management, inventory management, and procurement management
  3. Comprehensive enterprise asset management for asset lifecycle and maintenance management
  1. IBM Maximo Asset Management Limited Use Authorized User License + SW Subscription & Support 12 Months: $2,760
  2. IBM Maximo Asset Management Authorized User License + SW Subscription & Support 12 Months: $5,500
  3. IBM Maximo Asset Management Express Use Authorized User License + SW Subscription & Support 12 Months: $1,040
  4. IBM Maximo Asset Management Express Use zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension and Linux on System z Authorized User License + SW Subscription & Support 12 Months: $1,040


  1. Use geography to solve problems and make decisions
  2. Takes you through site selection, design, and construction to the use, maintenance, and operations of facilities
  3. Scalable framework enables businesses to map intelligence into any system, workflow, or model
  4. Visual interface for easily accessing and interpreting various information and data
  1. Perpetual Licenses: Begin at $5,000 for ArcGIS for Server Basic Workgroup and range to $40,000 for ArcGIS for Server Advanced Enterprise
  2. Term Licenses: Range from $600 to $24,000 based on edition and term length
  3. Enterprise-Wide Licenses: Available through an Enterprise License Agreement (ELA)
  4. Development Licenses: Available through an Esri Developer Network (EDN) subscription

 Limble CMMS

  1. Quick ROI and easy implementation; get started in just minutes
  2. Organize and manage maintenance processes better with Smart Work Orders and Task Lists
  3. Accessible via tablet or smartphone
  4. Simple user interface
  5. Trackable login ID
  1. By Asset: $1/asset/month – Unlimited Users
  2. Starter: $25/user/month – Single Location Management, Unlimited Users
  3. Professional: $35/user/month – Multi-Location Management, Unlimited Users
  4. Enterprise: $65/user/month – Professional Features + API Access, Enterprise Support


  1. Easily accessed across multiple locations in multiple languages from any browser-based device, including tablets and smartphones
  2. Generates work orders and work requests
  3. Manages preventive and predictive maintenance and purchasing and inventory control
  4. Tracks asset history and generates robust reports
  5. Suited for a range of industries, including manufacturing, facilities, services, and fleet
  1. Self Starter: $65/user/month – Unlimited web training, helpdesk support, daily data backup, updates and enhancements, and mobile CMMS access
  2. Get Onboard: $85/user/month – Dedicated account management, 10-pack request users, Sandbox staging account, look and feel branding options, advanced storeroom features
  3. All In!: $120/user/month – Senior account management, annual onsite visit, unlimited request users, access to web API, and multi-site toolkit
  4. Contact for a quote for large-scale accounts or global enterprises


  1. Links critical functions together for quick and easy viewing and decision making
  2. Scalable and tailored to work with you and your company’s operational requirements
  3. Desktop and cloud-based solutions
  1. ManagerPlus Desktop: Contact for a quote – Customizable, built to manage assets, and instantly shares all data and makes it accessible across the entire organization
  2. MangerPlus Cloud: Contact for a quote – Access maintenance management data form anywhere without installing software, no IT implementation required, and no special hardware required

 FastMaint CMMS Software

  1. Simplify the process of putting together a preventive maintenance plan
  2. Inventory management software features to aid in tracking and reordering maintenance spares and supplies
  3. Suitable for onsite maintenance or field service management
  1. FastMaint Basic: $495 – For one user on a singe computer
  2. FastMaint Standard: $995 – For use on a single computer
  3. FastMaint Professional: $2,495 – Supports multiple users
  4. FastMaint Web: Starting at $2,495 – Supports multiple users
  5. Contact for a quote regarding additional users or add-on modules for barcodes or web work request


  1. Preventive maintenance and work order management designed for maintenance managers
  2. Lite version better suited for small or large organizations including agricultural industry, medical clinics, manufacturing plants, and school districts
  3. Pro version is a comprehensive CMMS package for maintenance managers of ethanol plants, city and state government entities, major truck manufacturers, airlines, library systems, and others
  4. MAPCON Mobile available for smartphones and tablets
  1. MAPCON Lite
    1. SaaS: Starting at $30/month
    2. Hosted on Local Server: Starting at $495
  2. MAPCON Pro – Contact for a quote

 Maintenance Pro

  1. Store a description, make, model, serial number, photos, and more for each piece of equipment
  2. 30 custom fields for flexibility in storing information unique toy our equipment needs
  3. Assign any of more than 200 available icons to each piece of equipment and to each category
  4. Asset tracking, preventive maintenance, repair maintenance, historical records, maintenance notifications, parts inventory, work orders, reporting, and more
  1. Single User Pricing
    1. Standard: $499
    2. Deluxe: $749
    3. Pro: $1,249
  2. Multi-User Pricing
    1. Net 2 User Pro: $2,699
    2. Net 2 User Pro SQL Server: $3,499
    3. Net 5 User Pro: $4,799
    4. Net 5 User Pro SQL Server: $5,399
  3. Contact for quotes for other options and add-ons


  1. Intuitive asset and location management software tool that delivers powerful requested and preventive work order management tools
  2. Comprehensive reporting
  3. Integrated Resource Library
  4. Standardizes maintenance procedures through various processes such as instant notification of asset failures and redundancies through enterprise alerts
  1. Starter: $29/month paid monthly or $26/month paid annually – 50 monthly work orders
  2. Enhanced: $69/month paid monthly or $63/month paid annually – 150 monthly work orders
  3. Standard: $119/month paid monthly or $109/month paid annually – 350 monthly work orders

 comma CMMS

  1. Customizable user group permissions to control nearly any single option n the system, so you can adapt it to your existing procedure
  2. Access accounts from any mobile browser
  3. Add email notification, recommended tasks, spares, documents, and tools to make jobs faster and more efficient
  4. Create work orders manually or automatically
  5. Aggregated work on job plans that include a project management tool with overall work reports
  6. Easily retrieve information and statistics for nearly real-time decision making
  1. PRO Single User: $10/month
  2. PRO Multi User: $10/user/month


  1. Cloud-based, mobile-enabled CMMS software that is easy to use
  2. Set up in minutes, as FIIX CMMS rapidly organizes all maintenance activities into one tool
  3. Streamlines the work order and task management process
  4. Suitable for any size business
  1. Starter: $19/user/month – Basic management software for small business
  2. Professional: $29/user/month – Complete maintenance management for any size team
  3. Enterprise: $59/user/month – Fully integrated and customizable maintenance management solution


  1. Attach manuals, diagrams, forms, images, and web shortcuts to any job to work orders for reference
  2. Record and report parts usage, repair costs, and work history
  3. Export data to Excel for graphs and analysis
  4. Work Request Web Portal so that technicians, co-workers, and clients are able to instantly request jobs from the internet or an iPad, iPhone, tablet, or smartphone
  1. Single User License: $499
  2. Three-User License: $1,197
  3. Four-User License: $1,597
  4. Five-User License: $1,883
  5. Ten-User License: $3,269


  1. Perform maintenance procedures proactively
  2. Decrease downtime
  3. Comply with regulations and requirements
  4. Purchase only the modules that will meet your needs
  5. Free help with setup and data entry
  1. Cost varies from $199 to $2,395, based on your needs

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